Bodhivana Spiky Stress Relief Foot Massage Ball

£15.97 £8.97

  • Experience IMMEDIATE PAIN RELIEF in your tight, stressed muscles all over in your body. Long day on your feet? This hard spiky massage ball will remove the pain, tension and stress in a few minutes! Tight shoulder muscle knots from hunching over a laptop all day? Just lean back into the Bodhivana massage ball and say hello to a well-deserved treat!
  • The SHORT THICK SPIKES are specifically designed to PROVIDE THE PERFECT TRIGGER POINT MASSAGE compared to other balls with longer spikes, which tend to fold and bend, making the massage less effective.
  • INCREASE BLOOD CIRCULATION AND MYOFASCIAL RELEASE, by using the Bodhivana massage ball before or after your workout to warm up your muscles, decrease risk of injury, increase performance and assist in faster muscle recovery. PERFORM YOUR OWN REFLEXOLOGY and help yourself and your body relax! Use it at the office for a much needed foot massage under the desk or a complete relaxation massage in the comfort of your home.
  • The high density of the Bodhivana massage ball provide an EXTREME FIRMNESS FOR EFFECTIVE PLANTAR FACIITIS TREATMENT and can support your entire body weight for an intensely blissful foot massage! (Most other massage balls collapse under pressure!) IDEALLY USED IN COMBINATION WITH A FOAM ROLLER, which focuses on treating the larger muscle groups, whilst the 7cm diameter Bodhivana massage ball can reach the smaller areas the foam roller is not able to.
  • INCLUDED is also a complimentary travel bag and a LIFETIME MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, so you are sure to love your Bodhivana massage ball or receive a full refund, no questions asked!