About Us

Established in London, we at Bodhivana promote both a healthy as well as comfortable lifestyle. We are strong advocates of making a naturally healthy lifestyle possible and attainable for all, of any age. Yoga and Pilates are two of the healthiest exercises which ensure a balanced lifestyle with minimal risk of injury and maximum amount of peace of mind and relaxation.

We provide a unique line of Yoga and Pilates products which will make your exercise routine simple and result-orientated. 

Bodhivana has launched with the mission of everyone being able to obtain a luxuriously comfortable and naturally healthy lifestyle. In the manic world of today, it becomes essential that you take out some time for yourself. Our products are made to the highest quality and take advantage of eco-friendly and sustainable materials.

For each of our products we created a guide which provides a kick start into to the world of fitness or if you are more experienced, the guide might be a useful refresher for the one or other exercise, pose or stretch you can take advantage of.

Enjoy the benefits of a healthy life with Bodhivana!


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