Pilates and Yoga Mats

The Bodhivana Yoga/Exercise/Pilates Mat is far superior to other foam cushion mats.

A full 15mm thick, it's more than TWICE the average thickness of cheaper mats and is 61cm and 183cm in width and length!

Give yourself a better experience - whether you're into yoga, Pilates, or regular exercise.

Instead of focusing on the PAIN of having your elbows, knees, or heels digging into the hard ground, RELAX and ENJOY your full exercise time when you're protected by this generous 15mm thick foam!

Go stronger and last longer! So much depends on the comfort of your mat!

And with five colours to choose from, you not only get the confidence of knowing you're purchasing the very best mat - but it's stylish, too!

With non-slip features, and fully constructed of NBR material (the highest quality you can get in a mat like this), you'll even find it useful for using as a mat under your sleep bag when camping!

Comes with a convenient carrying strap. Plus it's eco-friendly, easy to wash, and lasts forever with proper care and handling.

Get yours today - and FEEL what you've been missing in your workouts!